Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sketching day

I'm really into illustration, comic books and all sorta stuff like this.When i broke the phalanx of my thumb, i didn't have much to do but to rest and be bored all day long, so i found some really cool art project called "Totoro forest project".It combines pretty much all i want to do-watercolor painting, ink drawing, digital and mixed media, plus really really awesome ideas and characters.Those guys rock

Totoro is a japanise mythological or folklore creature( i think there's an anime movie about it) which takes care of the forests, stuff like that.The whole point of the project is to see how different artists visualize Totoro, and to gain some money for charity.Nice cause.

and also

I think they have a blog too but anyways, here's the link to the official website. makes me jealous a little bit , cos i think i can get that good but still won't be able to be a part of sth like that.
anyways, no one knows. i'll post some of my stuff as soon as i learn how to use that awful thing called technology.
p.s. i bought a huge canvas today, had a solid 15 min. of struggle with it and the frame, and now i'll have to decide how to fill it.annoying
listening to the Beatles-Come togerther

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