Saturday, May 23, 2009

Childhood award!

I got my fisrt award from ONiC who i thank so much for being so sweet :)

Since it's also a tag i'll share few of my happy childhood memories with you:

Tree houses and sand castles.Me and my friends used to buid a tree house on a same tree each year and it was so much fun as i remember it.Sand castles remind me of summer days spent on the beach with my parents ( which reminds me of watermelon,vanilla icecream, beach balls and sweet corn).Also i was really good rag doll maker :)

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i really really enjoyed this tag, it brought up so sweet memories.hope it'll be a pleasure for those guys too:

Wonderful Creation
The Clothes Horse
Me from the suburbs

all you have to do is copy the childhood award pic, share with us few of your happy childhood memories and tag other bloggers :)


  1. i wish i ever had a tree house. sigh

  2. Tree houses and sand castles are marvelous thing. I will try to get around to this tag. Thanks for thinking of me. :)

  3. I finally wrote my post!
    I really like yours. I always wanted a tree house.