Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm tagged

Since that here are my 5 obsessions so far
(check out Lina's since she tagged me :)

1. Ghostpatrol (he's just awesome)

2.Rupert Grint (i really don't know why)


4.Kids by MGMT

5.Natasha Khan

now it's your turn

i tag The Clothes Horse
Milky Hearts
Here comes the sun
Lulu's Tutu


  1. Natash Khan is amazingamazingamazing! and Rupert Grint is not bad, either. x

  2. I don't mean to sounds ignorant, but what is a tag?! I'm intrigued.

  3. I enjoyed making my list! thanks for tagging me :)

  4. ohh my goodness i think i'm going crazy!
    i saw this a when you posted & was going to comment but then something happend & i forgot!!
    ugh. what a weirdo i am!
    that hel looks thing is so cool!! i have friends in helsinki & one of them works at a fashion magazine! this is super cool.
    the ghostpatrol art is cute! i really like it:]