Monday, June 8, 2009

And there will be sun, sun, sun

Inspired by all this happiness post about summer , i decided to write little something on that matter- my fave things about summer.And after that i am so making it a tag...

1. sea related stuff-beach, sand, blue sky, seashells.i have a special thing about seashells , because they keep the salty smell of sea and sun all year, and old folks say you can hear the waves if you listen closely.

2.fireflies-i'm sure you have all chased fireflies and put them in a jar to use them as a latern when you were kids.they spark so magically

3. strawberries, honey and watermelon-the perfect breakfast

4. ice-cream-i'm an ice-cream addict

5.sunflowers and poppie fields


images by me, flickr

now i tag 5 bloggers:
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  1. thanks xavia! looks fun:]
    i'm already thinking of things...

  2. Хехе поласкана съм х) Блога ти е много сладък <3 бих употребила думичката kawaii, която принципно означава същото на японски, но аз влагам малко по-различен смисъл в нея. х)

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  4. добавих те и аз х)

  5. You listed just about all my favorite things of summer as well. I love everything related to the sea.