Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finders keepers

It's been so hot lately, it's practically impossible to go outside before four in the afternoon which i find a good reason to visit all my fave second-hand shops.As being a true treasure seaker, heat couldn't stop me from finding those simply adorable things, and have fun with trees and cats and plums.Here are few finds that made my day even brighter:

that old school hippie leather bag which belonged to my mom

those cute espadrilles which weren't second hand but quite cheap tho

thrifted bracelet for 1 $

those comfy linen shorts

i don't like the song much but the video is so pretty i coulnd't resist

pretty trees with yummy plums


  1. aww look relaxing. and i like that hippie bag

  2. Actually I don't really know, somewhere in california, we were driving all aroud and I'd never been there before, I THINK it was called salmon lake...Oh btw I love that video it''s so neat :)

  3. wow! i love that bag!! your photos on the bottom are so lovely!!

    ohh! & i mailed your book today!

  4. I think my mom has a bracelet like this one that belonged to my great grandma:) great finds!

  5. oh your blog is simply beautiful! i love it!
    and your art work is amazing!

  6. zdrasti i az sma ot VT :))) stori mi se poznata ot snimkite na 1 preden post. hah malko tapo 6te prozvu4i no Ani li se kazva6 ??

  7. Make those? You mean take the pictures? Yes I did. Isn't he the sweetest? He used to sleep in there all day but he broke that habbit quite a bit ago sadly...

  8. I know what you mean - the heat is sweltering!

    That leather bag is adorable!

    And this video is so whimsical and girly! How pretty!