Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mushi, mushi


Obsession over Japan is getting bigger with me.So big that I even made a list of my top 10 fave anime movies.How lame could that be (:

10.death note-seems to me that it's running out of ideas, since the manga book was developed into anime series, than into three actual movies and too many people got killed so far ^^.BUT still a good one, worthy watching the series.

9.paprika-psychedelic story about parallel dimensions and dreams and cool kung-fu-kick-ass moves and a hot non typical red haired chick.

8.5 centimetres per second-makoto shinkai's clouds.

7.summer wars-don't go into global social networks, unless you know how to crack a 2000 numbers code.really nicely done, funny and smart.

6.sailor moon-well not anymore since i descovered another world beyond kawai blond girls with super cool uniforms, BUT was my fave when i was 7 years old.had to mention it for the sake of my childhood.

5.kiki's delivery service-miyazaki's a pure genius. neighbour totoro-miyazaki

3.princess mononoke-miyazaki.again.i'm not writing any reviews about him and studio ghibli, cos i think that movies of such range should be experienced, not commented.totaly

2.spirited away-guees who (:

1.samurai champloo- i've seen the series twice and still can't get enough of it.has pretty cool soundtrack too.completely awesome combination of traditional japanese customs, music, martial arts from the Edo period, plus modern street dancing,graffiti and stuff like that.

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  1. I loved the music from Paprika and also the idea of the whole movie. Mononoke was awesome, but I have to admited Spirited away did not win me that much. One anime I simply loved is Howl's Moving Castle. Now I'll try to find a torrent with Samurai Champloo and watch it.